Karaoke Machines

If you are interested in an original clips video jukebox with karaoke tunes, please click here to return to our
karaoke/ video jukebox page.

But if you are interested in a simple-to-use, but cutting edge professional karaoke unit,
this is the machine for you.

It is driven by incredible technology and plays one disk loaded with 7,000 karaoke songs
- yes 7,000 karaoke songs, with the lyrics displayed on the TV monitor.

Your guests don't have to swap disks or mess around - just look up the number of the
song you want to play in the supplied book, punch in its number and press play.

This is by far the easiest to operate karaoke machine in Brisbane.

You can keep it as simple as that, or, for the undiscovered stars just waiting to explode
forth from your group, you have options of key changes, echo, and other professional effects.

This unit is top quality gear. It runs a Peavey pro amplifier and 2x 15" sub woofer speakers
with stand. It has twomicrophones so you and your friends can "launch your careers".

It comes in three easy to assemble pieces which can either be delivered or picked up from our
premises. (It will fit in the boot or back seat of a family sized car - as long as it is empty).

Prices start at $150 if you pick up from our premises at Underwood. Or from $220 we will deliver &
pick it back up from the most popular Brisbane Suburbs.

Ph: 07 3841 6165 or Mbl: 04 111 99 008

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